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Project Runway: Season 3
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As the community has developed, there is a need to add a few more rules.

1. Please use an lj-cut when speaking about a recently aired episode/spoiler. Keep in mind that the west coast sees the episodes 3 hours after the original air time for the east/central time zones. Entries that contain spoilers that aren't put behind a lj-cut will be deleted for the sake of other members.

2. Post your immediate thoughts on the current episode to the dicussion post provided. Nobody wants to wake up on Thursday morning and see 50 spoiler posts, especially if they haven't watched the episode yet. These posts will be deleted.

3. If you want to share icons that you've made, you're more than welcome to. However, please don't request icons here. That's what pr_icons is for.

You are also absolutely welcome to talk about past episodes and past contestants in the two other seasons of Project Runway. Please just keep entries as on topic as possible.