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PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 3 [entries|friends|calendar]
Project Runway: Season 3

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Song Request [June 14, 2008]

I was wondering if anyone of you knows where to get /has the song that was played during Jeffrey Sebelia's final collection. I can't find it anywhere ):

If this isn't allowed, mods feel free to delete
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PR is moving to Lifetime [April 7, 2008]

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Project Runway 4 article [November 14, 2007]

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New Season, New Community. [November 13, 2007]

A new community for a new season!
Hop on over to projectrunway4 and join in the fun.

Season premiere is tomorrow at 10/9c.
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New Season! [October 31, 2007]

Season 4 starts November 14!

(From here)
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[February 28, 2007]

does anyone know when project runway season 4 starts?
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[December 30, 2006]

created a community for top design so we'll be ready!!! anyone interested in co-moderating...especially someone who is good at making the journal look, well, cooler. it IS top design, you know...

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Project Runway Holiday Parody [December 21, 2006]

Hey Project Runway/Project Redeye fans!

Please check out our latest Youtube video -- NYI's Project Redeye Holiday Photo Challenge. Our last Project Redeye seemed to be a big hit with over 1.1 million views and we're hoping that this one will be an even bigger hit!

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NPR does Runway? [October 27, 2006]

[Unknown LJ tag]
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Project Runway Halloween Parody [October 26, 2006]

Hey guys,

Check out this hilarious parody video I found on Youtube. Project runway may be auf, but PROJECT REDEYE is ON! Click away for a snapshot of what’s ‘IN’ for Halloween and what NOT to shoot.

-- Shirley

(x-posted to all project runway fans :)
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[October 20, 2006]
does anyone know what song uli played during her runway show on the finale? i need to knowww.
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Michael Knight [October 19, 2006]

[ mood | curious ]

Did anyone find out what song Michael Knight played during his collection? I know a previous poster mentioned it while asking about Jeffrey's but there haven't been any responses so far.

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More from Clarissa Anderson [October 19, 2006]

[ mood | exhausted ]

As a follow up to Tuesday's article with Michael's model Clarissa Anderson, here's her reaction to yesterday OnMilwaukee.com

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AND THE WINNER IS... [October 18, 2006]

(and please only here, for tonight at least.)

AND THE WINNER IS...Collapse )
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Just a reminder/request.... [October 18, 2006]

Don't forget, on this, the most important show of the year, to put any spoilers behind a cut -- and no spoilers in the subject line, please -- to be nice to your West Coast friends who want to be surprised ... pretty please?

Thank you!

(No, I didn't really consider the song request post a spoiler, but it reminded me that posts will probably be coming fast and furious all night as people watch!)
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Jeffrey and Michael's Song [October 18, 2006]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone know the name of the song and artist they played during Jeffrey's time? It went "we could have torn this whole world apart" - I tried googling it with no luck :( Hopefully they'll announce it at the end of the show? Michael's song too!

Found Jeff's song, thanks to gentlemenprefer - it's from his band Lifter and it's "Swing"

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Michael's model [October 17, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey all. I just wanted to let you know that I did an interview with Clarissa Anderson aka Michael's model for OnMilwaukee.com. It's posted today, so if you want a little gossip and a little insight into a PR model's life check it out. onmilwaukee.com

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For all you Jeffrey Fans... [October 14, 2006]


New fan community here on LJ for anyone interested.
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[October 12, 2006]

i have been lurking if jefferey stays ina nd who wins for the longest time. i cant wait any longer. does anyone know anything? i found this website: http://www.tv.com/project-runway/show/26278/news.html and read a couple of the article there but it didnt give a definite anything so i dont know. someone help me!!!!!! thank you :)
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[October 12, 2006]
Preview for second part:

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